torsdag den 20. januar 2011

to you

Hey world,
let me shout something out.
maybe you could,
tell me what all this is about.

You've seen it before.
you have observed it.
is it something you could tell me about,
- please, just a bit?

Something so strong.
and weak at the same time.
something so great.
did I mention divine?

Maybe it's a bad idea.
but, I don't know.
could you tell me?
or even better - show?

should I surrender myself completely?
is it even healthy to do that?
does it make me blind, so I can't see,
- I'm just afraid, I might get sad.

Will I only eye this one thing?
will I be so obsessed,
that staying with this greatness,
will be my only quest.

And now I just think - 
Isn't it lovely being blessed?
Look at me smiling,
this thing is just the very best!

Hey world?
do you wan't to know,
what causes all these feelings?
It is something, I just can't let go!

I can reveal it's a person.
I can reveal that I love this guy.
But he loves me too,
- and I can't answer why

something that great.
and then there's me.
I'm the choosen one.
and I wan't it to stay and be!

ten verses 
- just to tell.
I love you.
All the way up to heaven and down to hell.

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