torsdag den 25. oktober 2012

The club

I found you.
Storming through the room with the loud music, as your follower.
The people dancing, creating a frame around the beautiful picture you are.
I am walking towards you.

I found you.
I tell you, while my hands are on your waist,
and you are drinking the drink, I bought you.
My fingers are going for your face.

I found you.
I know it, while I am kissing your soft lips.
I found the right match, and you know it too.
My heart is running in my chest.

I found you,
I wanna take you away.
Let's escape into the life awaiting.
My mind is walking into the night with you.

I found you,
I say to myself,
opening my eyes.
I get up
to finally approach you.

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